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Steve Jobs Net Worth and Apple Earnings

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Even he has gone years ago, Steve Jobs still considered as the tech billionaire and the richest men in the world. He was inspiration for everyone and many adored his job as an inventor and tech enthusiasts. His ideas, a developed view and breakthrough technology change the way we see the world. However, Jobs did so much more than just iTunes, iPod and iPhone.

Steve Jobs and his two colleagues, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula, began to create Apple Inc. without any capital at all. In order to raise funds, Wozniak sold calculator valuable for $ 250 and Steve Jobs sells Volkswagen bus for $ 1,500. How valuable the initial investment of $ 1.500 from Jobs? When the stock went public on December 12, 1980, Jobs had 7.5 million shares. With the IPO price of $ 22 per share, which means $ 1,500 investment in 1976 would be worth $ 217 million in 1980. Jobs then earned more than $14,000,000 after decide to sells his Apple stock in 1985.

Steve Jobs Assets

Steve Jobs Assets

In 2011, not long after his died it then revealed to public that Jobs earned more than 2 billion dollar as the 5.5-million shares of Apple stock. It put him on the list of richest tech billionaire in the world. At the same years, Disney also reported that Steve Jobs earn $4,470,000,000 from his shares stock in this company.

Steve Jobs House

Steve Jobs House


Steven PaulSteve


56 years old, February 24, 1955 (died
5, 2011


$ 10.2



information technology
entrepreneur and inventor
, Apple inc.


Trustees Award,the California Hall of Fame, the most powerful person in
business by Fortune, Entrepreneur of the Decade by Inc. magazine, Jefferson
Award for Public Service, National Medal of Technology


The Jackling
House, Palo Alto home, Venus Feadship Yacht, Gulfstream V Jet Private jets,
2008 Mercedes SL 55 AMG, 1966 R60/2 BMW Motorcycle, Ansel Adams photography


Paul Reinhold
Jobs and  Clara Hagopian (adoptive
parents), Abdulfattah “John” Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble
(biological parent), Mona Simpson
(biological sister),  Lisa
Brennan-Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs, Eve Jobs, Reed Jobs (Children)

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