David Rockefeller Net Worth

David Rockefeller Net Worth and Asset 2016

David Rockefeller Net Worth

David Rockefeller – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19150612 (108 years old)
Profession: Businessman
David Rockefeller Net Worth
David Rockefeller Net Worth

Oil and banker David Rockefeller net worth in 2016 according to Forbes is $3.1 billion which ranks him to the number 569 in the most richest person on earth. David Rockefeller is a pure business man who had started business since 1940 and build his own dynasty in oil and banking since 1940. His skill in business can’t be  separated from his education title. David Rockefeller studied economy in Harvard University. He got hi Cum Laude there and got his Ph.D in Economic at the University of Chicago.

Started his own career in 1946 after joining Chase National Bank later known as Chase Manhattan Bank and now ruled by David Rockefeller himself and changed into JP Morgan Chase after he made it to be Chief executive and Chairman of the Board in 1961 -1980.

David Rockefeller Asset Legacy
David Rockefeller Asset

At his 101 age, David Rockefeller’s health is getting worse, he has heart problem and recently in August 2016 he just transplanted his heart for the 7th times. after the previous failure transplants. It makes David Rockefeller as the most heart transplanted man  alive.

David Rockefeller Salary
David Rockefeller Salary

In March 21st 2017, David Rockefeller died after his struggle from his heart failure. After 7 heart transplantations, David Rockefeller lost his battle and David Rockefeller left net worth $3.3 billion in March 2017.

David Rockefeller Asset
David Rockefeller Asset

Full Name,

 David Rockefeller

Age, Born

 June 12, 1915 (age 101) New York City, New York, U.S

Died at age 101 in March 21st, 2017.

Net Worth

 $3.3 Billion


 Rockefeller Foundation

Source of

 Oil, banking, investment, stake 


 Presidential Medal of Freedom (1998);

 U.S. Legion of Merit (1945);

 French Legion of Honor (1945);

 U.S. Army Commendation Ribbon (1945);

 Charles Evans Hughes award NCCJ, (1974);

 George C. Marshall Foundation Award (1999);


 Chase Bank, Standart Oil,

Embarcadero Center Real Estate

4.000 acre resort in Virgin Island

a cattle ranch in Argentina, as well as a 15,500-acre (63 km2) sheep ranch in Australia


 Margaret McGrath (m. 1940–1996; her death) Children: David Rockefeller Jr. Abigail  Aldrich Rockefeller Neva Goodwin Margaret Dulany Rockefeller Richard Gilder  Rockefeller Eileen Rockefeller.