Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Pablo Escobar Net Worth and Cocaine Assets

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

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Pablo Escobar Net Worth
Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Pablo Escobar has estimated net worth of $ 30 Billion making him the richest criminals on history. He has died 13 years ago but still Pablo Escobar net worth is a hot topic till today. Many curious about his net worth from the most prolific drug lord in history.

 Pablo Escobar Earnings
Pablo Escobar Earnings

Pablo Escobar, this figure was dubbed King of Cocaine at that time successfully become the most influential people in Colombia and the world. As the most wanted criminals, Pablo Escobar did insanely security act by buying his own taxi company to find out when a stranger arrives in their hometown of Medellin, and moved his family every 48 hours between 15 hideout he had in the entire city. Escobar even close their eyes before any displacement so that they never knew the area around each house and could not tell its location while being tortured if they are caught.

Pablo Escobar Money
Pablo Escobar Money

Escobar became chairman of the infamous Medellin Cartel. He was shot and killed in December 1993 while trying to escape from a police chase. At the peak of his reign in 1989, he was listed by Forbes magazine as the #7 richest people in the world with an estimated fortune of 30 Billion dollar. Even he has long gone, Pablo Escobar still having several assets one of them is the Miami Beach mansion which worth $9,600,000.

Pablo Escobar House
Pablo Escobar House


Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria


44 years old, December 1, 1949 in ionegro, Colombia (died:
December 2, 1993 in Medellín, Colombia)


$ 30 Billion



drug lord and drug trafficker


the wealthiest criminal in history, alternate
member of the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia as part of the Colombian
Liberal Party


Medellin House


Maria Victoria Henao (wife),Sebastián Marroquín
and Manuela Escobar (children),  Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar and Hermilda
Gaviria (parents), Roberto Escobar (brother)