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  • Gucci Mane Legal Troubles Lead to Bankruptcy

    Gucci Mane Legal Troubles Lead to Bankruptcy

    American rapper, Gucci Mane has estimated net worth $500.000. Even some media reportedly that Mane has $15 Million net worth, but seems that he has been lost everything a flash. His lavish life style, controversy, stumble legal troubles then incarnated to the jail might the reason why Gucci Mane net worth reduced so drastically. Since…

  • Gucci Mane Net Worth

    Gucci Mane Net Worth

    The rapper from United States Radric Davis or famous by hi stage name Gucci Mane has net worth estimated $15 million. In 2010 Forbes listed Gucci Mane in Hip-Hop’s Top 20 Earners with net worth $5 million, elevated $4.5 million since 2009 he had $5000,000 net worth. It is because Gucci Mane is known widely…