Shawn Mendes Net Worth

How Much is Shawn Mendes’ Net Worth as of 2023?

Shawn Mendes Net Worth:
$25 Million

Shawn Mendes Net Worth

Shawn Mendes – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $25 Million
Date of birth: August 8, 1998 (25 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Pop Singer

First gained recognition on YouTube and Vine through his affiliation with the popular Vine group Magcon Boys alongside Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and others. He released his first single “Life of the Party” in June 2014. His self-titled debut EP reached number one on the iTunes charts in under 40 minutes upon being released in July 2014.

He created his popular YouTube channel in January 2011. He learned how to play the guitar through watching YouTube videos.

He won the Best Cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” competition over more than 30 other YouTubers. In 2014, he won a Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Web Star in the music category.


At the age of 13, he started to learn guitar through YouTube. In 2013, he started posting cover videos on Vine. Shawn Mendes quickly made many followers on the site. In 2014, he got signed to Island Records and released the song “Life of the Party.” It became a massive success, and he became a sensation.

Shawn Mendes Net Worth
Shawn Mendes is looking supreme as ever, and his net worth isn’t too bad either.

Personal Life

He was born in Canada to Karen and Manuel Mendes. His sister Aaliyah had a lot of success on Vine as well. In July 2019, he began a relationship with Camila Cabello. They announced their break up in November 2021. He previously dated Hailey Bieber in 2017.

He collaborated with Camila Cabello on the songs “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Señorita.”


“I love acting. I would really love to act.”

— Shawn Mendes

“I think the world is becoming a place where younger and younger people can do great things, and I just hope I can inspire other young people to do the same.”

— Shawn Mendes

“I think I was just bored one summer afternoon, and I decided to post a little video of me singing and playing guitar out of tune.”

— Shawn Mendes

“I was super-obsessed with cover videos. When I was, like, 10, I would come home from school and watch them from 4 o’clock until 8 o’clock every night. I was so intrigued that people took these super-popular songs and did them their own way.”

— Shawn Mendes

“I’m still a little certain I’m a wizard.”

— Shawn Mendes