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Morris Day Net Worth, House, Salary and Interesting Facts

Morris Day Net Worth House Salary
The famous pop singer, Morris Day is a 59 year old super star. This man is a blast from the past but even now, his music is recognized by many. Morris was the leader singer of the band named The Time and he started off his solo journey in 1984. However, it took him a lot of time to gain respect and fame in his famous “Jerk Out”. Sadly, this man isn’t that famous although he tried really hard to gain the popularity. He did rise in the 1990’s, for a while but he stayed a famous concert draw only as he was unable to draw a lot of fan following.


Morris Day recent net worth for 2018 has been under review and an update hasn’t been done to it till ow. However, his estimated net worth remains $3 million which is largely through this time period between 1980-1990 where he was able to gain some fame and adoration for his work. He is still hustling but we don’t hear about it much now.


Morris Day has been very picky about his purchases and investments. He has always bought carefully so that he doesn’t get himself into debts and other financial issues. This is the major reason why he doesn’t have a huge, luxury home and lives in a normal, good house of his own. Over his past twenty years of career, Morris Day has owned homes in California, Georgia and Michigan. He also purchased a home in Georgia for his parents through his hard efforts and the money that he has earned through this career.

Morris Day isn’t the popular face of today as the crowd shouts out for the newbies in the music industry but he has struggled fair enough to get where he is today. His net worth and salary are really less than the musicians around him but is happy with his paths and has managed to stay content throughout and has been away from major controversies too.

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