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Kobe Bryant Net Worth and Endorsements

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Retired professional basketball player Kobe Bryant is still considered as one of the richest athletes in the world with estimated net worth of $360 million.  After 20 years wade through basketball, Bryant decided to end his career this year. However, the decision to retire chosen by him believed not to remove its status as one of the richest athletes in the world.

Kobe Bryant Money

Kobe Bryant Money

Media reported that Bryant wealth (net income) is currently a number of USD360 million. One of the largest revenue of the total wealth that is the salary he received from the LA Lakers. The latest salary amount received Bryant of the Lakers is known for USD25 million per year. But just like any other infamous basketball payer, endorsement becomes one of the most major salary sources for Bryant. In 1996, he signed 6 year contract with Adidas for $48,000,000. Mc Donalds also endorsed him for 5 years contract in 2001 which earn him $10,000,000. Adidas reportedly dropped their contract with Bryant that why he then recruited by Nike and signed 5 years endorsements for $45,000,000.

Kobe Bryant Home

Kobe Bryant Home

Forbes points out that the amount of revenue that obtainment by Kobe Bryant from endorsement (instead of net income) can be reached $580 million. Still according to Forbes, Kobe earn of US $ 49.5 million during the 2014-2015 NBA season. From these results Kobe Bryant was ranked 39 among the 100 richest celebrities and the highest paid NBA Star all of time.

Kobe Bryant House

Kobe Bryant House


Kobe Bean Bryant


38 years old, August 23, 1978


$360 Million


McDonald’s, Nike, Sprite (Coca-Cola),
Vitaminwater, Nutella (Ferrero SpA), Spalding, Hublot, Lenovo and Turkish


basketball player and businessman


NBA championships (5 times with Los Angeles lakers), NBA All-Star (18
times), member of the All-NBA Team (15 times), member of the All-Defensive
team (12 times), all-time regular season scoring, all-time postseason
scoring, the most seasons playing with one franchise for an entire
career,  Most Valuable Player
Award (MVP)


Newport Coast
house, Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, Ferrari 360 Modena, Lamborghini
Murcielago, Bentley ContInental GT, Chevrolet Impala convertible, Ferrari 458
Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Nubeo black mamba wrist watch, Hublot watch


Vanessa Laine Bryant (wife),
Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, Natalia Diamante Bryant (children); Joe
Bryant and Pam Bryant (parents); John “Chubby” Cox (nephew)

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