Julie Benz Net Worth

Julie Benz’s Net Worth and Story

Julie Benz Net Worth:
$4 Million

Julie Benz Net Worth

Julie Benz – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $4 Million
Date of birth: May 1, 1972 (52 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor, Figure Skater, Presenter
Nationality: American

Julie was born May 1, 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a family of a surgeon and figure ice skater. Originally, she followed her mothers path and competed on U.S. Championship in the year 1988. She’s known from countless TV shows but her most famous roles are Robin Gallagher from Desperate Housewives, Rita Bennett from Dexter, Mayor Amanda Rosewater from Defiance. This last named series started in 2013 and continues in 2014.


With her figure skating career in the rearview mirror, Benz got involved in local theater, and appeared in the play “Street Law.” In 1990, she made her feature film debut with a small part in the anthology horror film “Two Evil Eyes.” Benz went on to study acting at New York University; after graduating in 1993, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

How Rich is Julie Benz
Julie Benz is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 4000000 dollars. Remarkable!

Personal Life

In 1998, Benz married actor and stand-up comic John Kassir. The couple later divorced in 2007. Benz subsequently wed Rich Orosco in 2012.


“You don’t realize how much a part of your character is part of yourself until you are no longer playing that character.”

— Julie Benz

“And I’m not very coordinated, either. Only on ice skates, not in real life.”

— Julie Benz

“I only knew basic western trail riding. Nothing fancy.”

— Julie Benz

“Oh, well, in Los Angeles everybody is an actor, or a producer, or a writer, or a director, or an agent, or… So everybody understands the hours.”

— Julie Benz

“I trained 8 hours a day 7 seven days a week and I had 2 weeks off in a year.”

— Julie Benz



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