Judge Judy Net Worth

Judge Judy Net Worth

Judge Judy Net Worth

Judge Judy – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19421021 (81 years old)
Profession: Lawyer, Television Personality
Judge Judy Net Worth
Judge Judy Net Worth

An American lawyer, former judge, and also TV personality Judge Judy has estimated net worth of $200 Million dollar. Judge Judy, whose real name is Judith Susan “Judy” Sheindlin, is the richest granny in the world. She is also one of the richest TV personalities with large sum of money and net worth.

Judge Judy started her career 1965 and was hired as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm. She makes a widely recognition after appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes. In 1993, she released her book entitled Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining which becomes bestselling books at that time. In 1996, she received an offer new reality courtroom series. Since then she become more famous and received large sum of money. She even listed as the highest paid television personality. She received $123,000 as a salary per episode of Judge Judy, and her annual earning is about $45 million.

Judge Judy Money
Judge Judy Money

In 2005, Judge Judy earning was about $25 million and increased so drastically to $30 million in 2007. In 2008 and 2010, Judge Judy still highest paid TV personality after earned $45 million and $45 million ad her annual salary. Her courtroom show, Judge Judy is still longest running reality show from 1996 to present.

Judge Judy House
Judge Judy House


Judith Susan “Judy” Sheindlin (née


73 years old, October 21, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York City, New
York, U.S.


$ 200 Million



lawyer, former judge, television personality,
producer, and author


Daytime Emmy Award, the highest paid television
personality, he highest paid TV star, “Court Show Queen”
, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


House in Montage Beverly Hills, Judge Judy’ Yacht


Jerry Sheindlin (spouse), Ronald Levy (husband:
divorce); Jamie Hartwright, Nicole Sheindlin, Gregory Sheindlin, Jonathan
Sheindlin, Adam Levy (children); Murray Blum and Ethel Silverman (parents)