Bebe Rexha Net Worth

Bebe Rexha’s Net Worth – How Wealthy is the actor?

Bebe Rexha Net Worth:
$6 Million

Bebe Rexha Net Worth

Bebe Rexha – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of birth: August 30, 1989 (34 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor, Composer, Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Bebe was born August 30, 1989 in Brookly, New York to Albanian parents. In 2010, Rexha met Pete Wentz and her professional career in music started. In 2015, Bebe released her debut studio album I Don’t Wanna Grow Up followed by All Your Fault: Pt. 1 in 2017. She won several BMI London Awards and is currently preparing for All Your Fault Tour which will start in March 2017. She still definitely has a great career ahead of her.


Her career started after she won the award ‘Best Teen Songwriter’ because of her spectacular performance at The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences annual Grammy Day. After her performance, her talent got spotted by Samantha Cox, and she offered her, her first professional contract.

Bebe Rexha Net Worth
Bebe Rexha is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn’t too bad either.


“We don’t wake up happy and looking absolutely perfect and feeling amazing every day, you know? We’re only human. So I think, with me, I’m not really scared to let people see that – because it’s real.”

— Bebe Rexha

“For mascara, I’ll just use whatever I have in my bag. I’ll use anything. I feel like, from drugstores to a Saks, they are all the same to me.”

— Bebe Rexha

“When I first was a part of ‘The Monster,’ I really wanted to put it out under my name, but no record label thought it was good enough – until Eminem liked it.”

— Bebe Rexha

“It was always my dream to be part of MTV and make history.”

— Bebe Rexha

“I want to release six songs, let people listen to those, let them chill for a second, do a tour, release another six songs, chill for a second and then take my favorite four, put them on the album, and add some more.”

— Bebe Rexha



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