How Rich is Carol Leifer

How Rich is Carol Leifer?

Carol Leifer Net Worth:
$6 Million

How Rich is Carol Leifer

Carol Leifer – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of birth: July 27, 1956 (67 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Screenwriter
Nationality: American

American comedian, writer, and actor known for her work as a television writer for Seinfeld and the Academy Awards. She was the inspiration for the Seinfeld character of Elaine.

She performed as a stand-up comedian before being discovered by David Letterman.

She was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, including one for her writing work for the 2010 Academy Awards.

Carol Leifer Net Worth
Carol Leifer is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 6000000 dollars. Remarkable!

Personal Life

She adopted a son with her partner Lori Wolf. She was married to Ritch Shydner from 1981 to 1987.

She wrote several episodes of Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld.


“I’m not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain.”

— Carol Leifer

“I never thought I was going to have children. I just thought after 45, that was it.”

— Carol Leifer

“My stand-up act is very clean.”

— Carol Leifer

“I suddenly had this really mad desire to have an affair with a woman. I was divorced. I was childless. I figured there’s got to be one more way to really tick off my mom.”

— Carol Leifer

“My kind of gay is like the late-breaking-lesbian kind of gay.”

— Carol Leifer