Ellie Kemper Net Worth

How Much is Ellie Kemper’s Net Worth as of 2023?

Ellie Kemper Net Worth:
$9 Million

Ellie Kemper Net Worth

Ellie Kemper – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $9 Million
Date of birth: May 2, 1980 (44 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: TV Actress
Nationality: American

Played Erin Hannon on the television series The Office and appeared in the films Bridesmaids and 21 Jump Street. In 2015, she began starring in the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

She was crowned Homecoming Queen during high school at the Veiled Prophet Ball in St. Louis.

She is a writer of various comedy skits for shows as well as The Onion newspaper.


Ellie earned her Screen Actors Guild card after appearing in a 2006 Kmart commercial that involved a tarantula crawling across her face. Kemper interned at “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” as did her future “The Office” castmates Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski, and Angela Kinsey, and she appeared in sketches on the show in 2007 and 2008. Around that time, Ellie appeared in the TV movie “Redeeming Rainbow” (2007), the Comedy Central series “Important Things with Demetri Martin” (2009–2010), and the films “Cayman Went” (2009) and “Mystery Team” (2009). Kemper also worked with the People’s Improv Theatre and Upright Citizens Brigade; at UCB, she performed with the improv teams fwand and Mailer Daemon, appeared in shows such as “Death and/or Despair” and “The Improvised Mystery,” and put on the one-woman show “Dumb Girls,” which she also wrote. Kemper auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” in 2008, and “Variety” named her one of “10 Comics To Watch” in 2009.

Ellie Kemper Wealth
The TV actress impresses with a net worth of 9000000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

Personal Life

She got married to Michael Koman in 2012 and the couple welcomed their first child James in 2016. Their second son Matthew was born on September 5, 2019.

She had a supporting role alongside Kristen Wiig in the 2011 film Bridesmaids.


“Improv is mostly what I’ve studied.”

— Ellie Kemper

“I love coffee, but I have to make sure I don’t have more than one cup a day because I’m already a little hyper.”

— Ellie Kemper

“Men, who certainly possess not only the savvy but also the know-how to be funny, for some reason, are just not. I began to notice this at a pretty young age, and unfortunately, a lifetime of living – and not a little bit of regret – hasn’t done much to convince me otherwise.”

— Ellie Kemper

“I love running. I’ve been running ever since middle school. In terms of clearing your head and restarting everything, I love running.”

— Ellie Kemper

“Yes, some women are funny. No, some women aren’t funny. It’s similar to how some women are tall and, you know, some women are short.”

— Ellie Kemper