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Drake Net Worth and Earnings

Drake Net Worth and Earnings

Recording artist and actor who is currently enjoy his popularity as a rapper, Drake is a Canadian-born singer who has net worth $85 million. Drake is now enjoying his success as a rapper after his phenomenal  video music “Hotline Blink” in 2016 and makes him ranked in Cash King Forbes. In this video clip, Drake’s dance style is copied by many people and becomes viral in internet. From this single, Drake gets earning $39.5 million that makes Drake annual salary $40 million a year!

Drake also known for his controversy in claiming rights of other artists and had been sued by artists. In 2014 Drake was sued by Jimmy Smith for $300,000 and by Rappin’ 4 Tray for misusing his lyric. Drake was sued for $100,000.

Aubrey Graham Earning Hotline Bling

Aubrey Graham Earning Hotline Bling

Full Name,

 Aubrey Drake Graham

Age, Born

 October 24, 1986 (age 29) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Net Worth

 $85 million with $40 million annual salary


 Kodak, Coca-Cola’s Sprite and agreement with Virgin America

Source of

 Actor, recording artist and rapper




 the Hidden Hills home with 2,500 square feet for $2.8 million


 Dating Hailey Baldwin since 2016




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