Debbie Harry Net Worth

What is Debbie Harry’s Net Worth?

Debbie Harry Net Worth:
$22 Million

Debbie Harry Net Worth

Debbie Harry – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $22 Million
Date of birth: July 1, 1945 (78 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Rock Singer

Frontwoman of the new wave punk band Blondie who has also collaborated with The Jazz Messenger and has pursued a solo career.

She spent time as a waitress, a go-go dancer, and a Playboy bunny.

She was listed at #12 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll in 1999.


Debbie Harry kicked start her career in music during the late 1960s by working as backing singer for a folk-rock group entitled The Wind in the Willows.

How Rich is Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn’t too bad either.

Personal Life

She was in a 13-year relationship with Chris Stein. They met in 1973 before they formed Blondie.

She has toured with Cyndi Lauper.


“We probably, as primitive people, made music before we actually had a language, and that’s where language comes from.”

— Debbie Harry

“I’m a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all.”

— Debbie Harry

“Music is wonderful. Especially if there’s some kind of content to it.”

— Debbie Harry

“Music does not carry you along. You have to carry it along strictly by your ability to really just focus on that little small kernel of emotion or story.”

— Debbie Harry

“If I were to do a foundation, it would be to promote solar energy. And I’m worried about drilling for oil. I think it is harming the earth, ‘cos it drains the layer of oil under the surface, and that could be causing earthquakes. It’s like we’re giving the earth arthritis. I don’t know if that sounds crazy.”

— Debbie Harry